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We build and rebuild internal and outward-facing systems that support and perpetuate inclusion. We analyse processes such as recruitment, retention, product creation, and procurement. We identify potential bias and then work with you to sequence the debiasing and improvement of your systems.



Global D&I Review

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In the current era of globalisation and easy mobility, many organisations of all sizes are working across multiple locations. To effectively measure diversity across multiple markets, Included will assist to gain an understanding of what can and should be measured in each locale, and how best to do so.

Race Audit

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We conduct broad, systemic race reviews within organisations, identifying key intervention areas and action points to help build anti-racist organisational cultures.


Diversity Monitoring

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Included will scope the diversity strands that are legally permissibly monitored in your jurisdiction and implement best practice survey techniques to compile the data.

Inclusive Performance

Inclusive Performance Management

We help you to assess and create your ongoing people and performance management mechanics that are debiased and delivering fairness in your assessments.


Inclusive Product Design

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We partner with you to re-engineer your design processes, considering and embedding inclusion in the creation of your products and delivery of services.

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