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Used for profile pictures and pen sketches of Included's people

black and white photo of Olivia Wicki

Olivia Wicki

Olivia joined Included in 2021 as the Business Development Executive. Olivia previously worked in law and journalism and applies a carefully honed analysis and communications skillset to her current role in the business development team. Olivia is passionate about assisting clients achieve long-lasting behavioural change and growth. Olivia is a committed advocate of D&I endeavours. …

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black and white photo of Rani Khalon

Rani Khalon

Rani joined Included in 2021 and focuses on ensuring our work is effectively implemented within every situation and collaborates with our clients on building long term D&I strategies to create more inclusive & high performing organisations.  Rani has helped a range of tech & finance businesses develop from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies since 2015.  Rani …

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black and white photo of Tim Carr

Tim Carr

Tim is a self-confessed management and leadership nerd and neuroscience geek who became fascinated by the “games that people play” in the world of business and life after getting a formal education much later than most people.  He was disadvantaged as a schoolboy suffering from a bone disease that temporarily made him immobile. He couldn’t …

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black and white photo of Priya Radia

Priya Radia

Priya joined Included in 2021 as an Associate Consultant and supports delivery of client work across our 5 key areas.  She spent 3 years in financial services before joining a management consultancy to develop as a Business Analyst in technology and data governance consulting. She has worked with a range of stakeholders and enjoys taking a collaborative, people-driven …

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black and white photo of Charles Lauder

Charles Lauder

Charles is an experienced organisational development consultant, coach and facilitator with a unique mix of skills and particular expertise in diversity and inclusion, organisational change, and communication skills. He joined Included in 2021.  Previously (1997 – 2014) he was joint managing director of his own company, Talawa Consulting, and worked extensively with NHS Trusts, local authorities, and …

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black and white photo of Lydia Cronin

Lydia Cronin

Lydia joined Included in 2021 to lead and implement the marketing strategy including website and social media management, delivering digital and offline campaigns, leading on events, publicity, and brand management. Prior to this, Lydia has held marketing positions in publishing, events, and digital start-up organisations. She holds a Diploma in Professional Marketing and is an …

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Plamena Solakova

Plamena Solakova

Plamena joined Included in 2021 as the Business Development Manager. Her prior experience was in the technology sector where she implemented finance systems and led business transformation projects. As a senior consulting manager, Plamena led key client-facing engagements and internal initiatives.  Plamena has also led diversity and inclusion programs throughout her career and has a …

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Garry Curtis profile image

Garry Curtis

Garry joined Included in 2021 to advise on and execute our business development strategy. Smart, intuitive and decisive, colleagues and clients alike look to Garry for his clear vision and thoughtful counsel. In recent roles, Garry served as an interim officer in an emerging public relations agency and a management consulting firm focused on diversity …

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Jayne Vaughan profile image

Jayne Vaughan

Shortly before retiring as a partner at KPMG in 2018, Jayne was excited to become a founding member of the Advisory Board at Included. Prior to that she worked on inclusive leadership with Stephen Frost when he was KPMG’s internal head of D&I. She then worked directly with Steve and his team at Included from …

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Vikki Barron

Vikki Barron

Vikki joined Included in 2019 to run the day-to-day business operations as part of the management team, bringing a range of experience from 18 years in the media industry. Vikki started out as a production co-ordinator at Carlton Television and LWT/Granada, including working on the pilot series of Come Dine with Me before production managing …

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